No longer so Delicious

I’d been using to keep track of websites that I saw and wanted to keep until later. I rarely followed up again, but the option to tag and then embed a “link roll” on a website was something I used on more than one site.

At some point prior to June 2014 the link rolls stopped working. This may have been related to the gradual decline (to me) in the usefulness of the service, possibly beginning as early as 2005 (when Yahoo acquired the then

Forced into action I found this discuss of 5 Delicious Alternatives which led me to Diigo is a free bookmarking service that has link rolls (and possibly more), and can import (and cross-post) to delicious. As soon as I can edit my work websites again I’m going to update the link rolls to use diigo.

Puffing Billy

Not much puffing today - the diesel takes over from PB on total fire ban daysPuffing Billy did not do much puffing this last Sunday, as the total fire ban had forced it’s temporary replacement with a diesel.



Mila and mumStill, we had a nice trip up to Emerald lake, and a hurried picnic there as well as a ride on the aquabike (is that what they’re called?) before heading back.



Me & the kidsNext time we must remember to board at Menzies Creek or Belgrave — the trip is just a bit too short from Emerald.

The Experimentarium | Viking boats at Roskilde

Big bubbles at the ExperimentariumLast Saturday we headed out sans an under-the-weather Glen to the Experimentarium, a terrific science activity center for the kids. When, on entry, you are greeted by a couple of guys flying a 2-storey high remote-controlled hot air balloon, it’s a pretty positive sign. We skipped past the espionage exhibit and headed upstairs, where Aleks was in heaven in the water park and the kids construction area. Marie also had a great time cruising around & playing with the giant Lego blocks.
Viking ships at RoskildeOn Sunday we jumped into the car and headed for the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark’s old capital. For many years there was a rumour that there were Viking-era ships sunk in one of the fjord channels linking Roskilde to the sea. When someone actually got around to checking out the rumour in the late 60’s they discovered five vessels buried in one of the channels, presumably to protect the city from seaborne attackers. The recovered ships are now on exhibit in the museum, and craftsmen are also making and sailing new vessels based on the old designs.
Jasmina & AleksAleks mostly enjoyed the model dioramas and throwing rocks into the water, while




Velinka & Mila at RoskildeMila was a bit bewildered by the whole thing

Beautiful Copenhagen

Aleks and the elephant Last weekend was sensational, despite the lingering effects of jetlag. Saturday Glen & Anna took us to the zoo which was wonderful even for me. I saw quite a few animals I’d not seen before (tapir, red panda) and there were even a few familiar ones: kookaburras and a Tassie devil. Aleks in particular had a ball, loved the tigers, rode a pony, and of course visited the gift shop. Velinka had arrived that morning from Serbia & will stay for about 2 weeks to help us out, so she came too.
Nyhavn (New Harbour)Sunday we headed back out for a canal cruise, which was lovely (but went on a little too long for poor Aleks). Parts of the city are very reminiscent of Amsterdam, by design it turns out. We saw beautiful Marmorkirken, the Little Mermaid, the amazing new playhouse and opera house on the harbour, as well as the royal yacht.


We ran out of food on the cruise, so we were forced to eat each other's nosesAfter that hunger got the better of us and we headed up to Kongens Have (King’s Gardens) for a leisurely picnic in the sun

Arrival in Copehagen

I’m delighted to be back in Copenhagen, this time with the whole family. We touched down yesterday morning after a gruelling 30+ hour trip (although including an 8-hr rest in Singapore) and were met by our friend from Boston Glen, who looked after us wonderfully and dropped us at our ikea-decorated 5th floor apartment in Vesterbro. So far we have done little but try to recover from the trip and spend some time with Glen, Anna, and their lovely daughter Marie. But Aleks and I also got a chance to explore the playground in our block. We had great fun playing on the swings and in the playhouse, as well as
the mountain…

There’s a terriffic mural on one wall of the building which, along with ours, encloses the courtyard and the playground.

Mila Grace Galloway

Sleeping like LarryOur daughter Mila Grace was born last
Tuesday afternoon (Melbourne Cup Day!). Jasmina was induced beginning Monday night; Mila
was originally due on the 16th, but our obstetrician thought that as
she was already on the 95th percentile for weight, we should get
things going earlier. The labour went pretty smoothly through Tuesday
morning & early afternoon, and Mila loudly announced her arrival at
about 4:20. She was 3.8kg (8lb 6oz) and 52cm (20.5in) long.

We got home late on Thursday and had a pretty rough night, juggling
incompatible sleep schedules for both kids for the first time.
Jasmina’s mum arrived yesterday to help out and last night was better.
Photos are here:

Duncan & Jasmina & Aleks & Mila