Toddington-Ferrybridge via Campton

Dad's Bradford familyToday we left Toddington after a reasonable breakfast at the service centre. Had about an hours drive to Mac & Gillian’s place in Campton, in Bedfordshire. Met Dad’s Aunt Alison for the first time; Gillian is her daughter, and also her brother David.
We had some coffee and sat out in the garden and took some photos. Then we went to the White Horse pub for lunch, after a little tour of the area courtesy of Gillian. It’s really beautiful, lots of little villages with names like Inkworth and Ireland, thatched rooves, village greens and that sort of thing. Had a pretty nice steak and some NZ wine, “Montana”.
After lunch we went back to the house and chatted a bit more. I booked my flight Edinburgh-London for Sunday, ₤68 by British Midland, not too bad. Then we jumped in the car and followed David to the A1, after which he headed south and we north. Kept going with just one stop before the next Travelodge. Reception lady gave us directions to a local chain pub/restaurant which wasn’t bad, had a nice IPA (Flowers)
Our route so far has taken us up the M25 from Heathrow, across via Campton to the A1, and then just straight up to Ferrybridge (junction of M62 and A1). Also known for a bloody big power station within half a k of the junction!

Day …


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