Richmond, Hudswell and the moors

Richmond Castle keepGot going around 9am and headed into Richmond. The castle wasn’t open until 10, so we went down past dad’s old school. Lots of changes and new buildings, although dad had mentioned it was closed it looked like it was just school holidays or something. The playground is now ashphalted (in dad’s day it was grass).
Back up to the castle and had a very nice time wandering around it. The keep is in very good condition and you can climb right to the top. The great hall (3rd floor) has a re-created medieval feast set up with lots of rubber (not rubbery) food and simulated messiness. We walked right around the walls, on one side the ground drops away steeply to the Swale, many of the buildings on this side fell away into the river many years ago.
Had a sandwich for lunch at the tea room as part of the Edinburgh wool shop, and then went off to Hudswell. We walked around the cemetery at the church, and found graves of some of the people dad knew, and some who he hadn’t known had died. Earliest grave we found dates back to 1711, but there are possibly older burials there. The cemetery is in pretty bad condition, very overgrown and many graves fallen over and in poor repair. Later at the pub (George and Dragon) in the village we asked one of the locals about it, they are open for evening sermons there once every few weeks. But otherwise it’s unused. The bloke who had the key wasn’t home, so we tried coming back later on our way back but no luck. Dad wanted to show me a commemorative plaque listing those men from the village who had gone to the war, which included his dad.
Yorkshire moorsWe went for a drive up the Swale Dale on the B6270, pretty hairy. There are little villages every few miles, Grinton, Reeth, Healaugh and Low Row, with grey stone buildings set literally right on the road. Of course, they pre-date the road, but it still seems unnatural. We noticed the hamlet of Crackpot on the map and determined to find it, we probably went through it but it’s just one or two farms and possibly a bed & breakfast. We took a very poor road up over Redmire Moor to the south, had some incredibly steep places. Up on the moors the view was beautiful, right up the dale; and quiet, just us and the sheep. Came down past Castle Bolton and joined the A684, then the A6108 back to Richmond via Hudswell. It was early but we didn’t have much else to do, so we had a pint in the Fleece (trendy bar, with ribald shooters shaped like spermatozoa) and then some more beers and dinner at the Town Hall Hotel. Still early , but we’d had it so we came back to the Travelodge. Off to Edinburgh tomorrow.

Day …


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