Skeevy to Edinburgh

It was only about 100 miles to Edinburgh via the A1 – dad usually comes up from Leeds, which is much further, and so overestimated the time we’d need to drive. We stopped briefly at Carter Bar on the border, where you have a great view both ways over the fields. Not much difference apparent either way! The “Pipers of the Border” welcomed us home with Scotland the Brave.
Quick piss-stop in Jedburgh and a photo of the abbey there. Drove to the centre of Edinburgh and parked in a multistory carpark there at St. James shopping center, and also grabbed some lunch. Next it was up the Royal Mile (aka High St.) towards the castle. Lots of tourist shops, cafes, restaurants etc. We arrived at the castle just in time for a free guided tour by a possibly local fellow called Ian Bruce, which was very informative and entertaining. The tattoo and the festival were just finished, they were dismantling the bleachers on the esplanade as we arrived. Edinburgh CastleThe castle is fantastic, very beautiful and in excellent condition. In fact it’s still fully operational, with a garrison and a military prison. The cannon is fired at 1pm every day from the battlements. Only one building remains from the oldest time, the 12th century St. Margaret’s Chapel. The rest has been rebuilt or deliberately destroyed at various times thoughout the castle’s tumultuous history. I bought some postcards and a very small bottle of Laphroaig for my computer (which is so named) back at work.
Back down the hill and past the university, saw some of the old buildings dad used to study in. We were short of time a bit so we hurried back to the car and went off to an old haunt of dad’s in Morningside, “The Canny Man’s”. Beautiful old pub with a truly astounding abundance of portraits, old bottles, skis, swords, musical instruments, and every other thing you can imagine on the walls and hanging from the ceiling. Had a couple of great pints there and then went for a sombre visit to the cemetery where many on my mum’s side are buried.

Day …


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