Edinburgh, Dundee and Perth

Dad and the MalcolmsDad slept late this morning so we got away a bit later than we expected. Drove down to Preston Pans in the morning and saw Grandad Penman’s old house. Drove around the neighborhood a bit but nothing really looked familiar. The church where mum & dad got married has maybe been knocked down, where dad thought it was there was a much newer looking church. Drove up to Grandma Galloway’s old house, but it didn’t really look familiar either.
Next headed up to Dundee, stopping at Kinross for some lunch and then found Aunt June’s place about 2pm. Saw June, and Susie, and Emma; later on Rachel & Tracy dropped by as well. We went out to the nursing home and picked up my grandma. She has advanced Alzheimers and short term memory only, but she is in good shape physically and in good spirits.
We took her for a little walk around the garden, she is particularly enchanted by little Emily (Emma’s daughter), who is quite good with her too. She had a little bite to eat and June made some dinner (cold meat and salad – a tradition at home!) for us, which was very nice.

Ian Russel and Dad, PerthWe left around 7pm to visit Ian & Moira in Perth. Alas we took a wrong turn and had to go through the center of Perth, which slowed us down enough so that we missed him at home. But we did meet Cara (Ian & Moira’s daughter) and Anna (?) who gave us some beers and chatted until Ian came back with son John. Lovely family, and beautiful house near the Isle of Skye hotel in Perth, just 20 min away from Dundee. They offered us some dinner but we gave our excuses and came home, both of us buggered. We checked in, I called Jasmina and wrote this.

Day …


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