Dundee and St. Andrews

St. Andrew's, Scotland 2Got a reasonably early start and headed into Dundee to do a bit of shopping. Some nice shopping centres and one touristy shop but couldn’t find anything really appealing. Did find a starbucks though.
Back to June’s and then to the home to pick up grandma. She was in good spirits, a little more energetic at 11 o’clock in the morning. We took her round to Emma’s and saw her and Emily, then Susie came round for lunch as well. Watched Monsters Inc. and chatted for a while, managed to get in touch with Steve K. and arranged to meet that evening. Grandma was getting a bit anxious, perhaps because she was in a more unfamiliar environment & surrounded by more people she didn’t recognize, so we packed her back off to the home. Dad & I were at a bit of a loose end so we headed out to St. Andrews, too early to meet Steve but we did some sightseeing and some shopping (some nice stuff but expensive!) The town is rather nice though, very quaint and with the abbey and the castle. Apparently Chariots of Fire was filmed on one of the nearby beaches here.
Duncan & Steve Kane, St. Andrews, UKHad a nice pint in “The Keys” and then headed back to Dundee to drop off dad. Came back and met Steve & Teresa and went to the Inn on North St., which is a pub/restaurant upstairs and nightclub downstairs. Food was OK, beer was better. S & T are doing fine, and little Saskia is a cutie. She was very well behaved throughout the meal but we left after a while, worried about the smoke. Went back to their place in Strathkinness, a small nearby village, and chatted for a while, saw Steve’s collection of Star Wars stuff and Lego (!). He will never grow up.

Day …


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