Dundee – Perth – Edinburgh

This morning we went into Dundee again to do some more shopping (naturally, we eventually ended up at a pub). I couldn’t find anything for Jasmina but bought a nice little crystal trinket for June.
Around 11 we went over to June’s place and then I went with Tracy to visit grandma. She was in a pretty good mood, pretty bright and cheery. I gave her Morag’s present &emdash; a picture of Jasmina & I at our wedding, very thoughtful gift. After a little while I bade her goodbye – Tracy’s strategy is to say she’s going to work – and we went back to Junes.
I raided her photo collection, Susi is going to scan the rest of the old photos of grandma’s and send them to me on a CD, hopefully. This technology is wonderful. I gave June the present and she gave me everyone’s birthdays, as well as Susi’s address (incl. email). Then we headed off for Perth.
Moira was there with Ian and Cara and a friend of hers. She’s much better now but wasn’t yet up to coming with us on a walk along the riverbank. We went up to the railway bridge, crossed over to the town side, down again and back over on Perth bridge. Nice little town, lots of flowers around at the moment (Ian said that’s just a temporary thing). We ordered some delivery Indian food for dinner and had a few drinks and chatted.
Got back to Kinross about 10:30, threw the bags in the room and called Jasmina, then went to sleep. Set the alarm for 4:30 the next morning… ugh.
Dad dropped me off at the airport the next day, foggy and rapidly brightening as the sun rose. Got into London very early, Sunday morning and nothing was open. Wandered around listlessly for a while, there was a market of some sort setting up so I hung around for a while and checked it out. Time was running out so I headed back to the airport by tube and home to Boston. Great trip.

Day …


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