New Orleans

Bourbon St.Here for 4 days (also for the first time) to attend a meeting at the Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter. Think narrow streets, elaborate & colorful facades, louvered french doors opening onto high-ceilinged rooms & the occasional gaslight. Bourbon street is apalling but fun, great if you like booze and jazz, but I also discovered the Tin Men, who are pretty damn awesome. Something for the gadget freaks too with the registration package, how did I ever live without this? Photo courtesy Paul O’Neill

Finally, a signal from SETI?

Goran asked me about news reports that SETI had picked up an alien message. I found this
article at New Scientist. It seems they have a signal – SHGb02+14a – which appears to be real, in the sense that it’s not just noise or interference, but at the moment there is no indication that it comes from aliens. Although, it doesn’t match the characteristics of any known natural phenomena. They will likely continue to observe it and hopefully work out what’s going on – stay tuned!

Blue Hills Reservation

Blue hillsVisited here for the first time this weekend; another in my list of “things to do while in Boston”. It was a bit too hot to be wandering around in the wilderness, but it was good to get a bit of exercise. Been way too long since I’ve done any kind of walking. Eliot tower was nice, I’ve plans to return for a picnic; and the weather station was interesting, I’d have liked to have seen the inside (it was closed). Nearby Houghton’s Pond is gorgeous.