Red Sox win World Series

Celebrating the Red Sox World Series win at ConleysThe Sox won game 4 vs the Cardinals last night, and with it the World Series – first time in 86 years. We watched the game at our place but once the series was decided went out onto the streets of Watertown, which were wild, let me tell you. Went down to Conleys for a beer which was riotous until Bryan’s behaviour caused the cops to shut down the bar. Quite a night – read Bill Simmon’s take on the whole thing

The E.C. Tubb Homepage

I rediscovered this page I created in 1997 with information on the author E. C. Tubb, by virtue of the Amazon associates referrals it continues to generate. This was round about the time I set up the Larry Niven page, which has since been adopted and is now maintained by others. Quite a trip down memory lane for my early experiments with HTML etc.

Australian Tour 2004

Sydney Opera House & harbour ferryJust got back from a much-needed trip home. Caught up with Goran & Lidija in Sydney, then drove down to Canberra for a workshop at Mount Stromlo. After that it was on to Melbourne to stay with Stu & Belinda. I was pretty busy with a talk on the 5th at U. Melbourne and XMM proposals. Finally got to the actual holiday part at mum & dad’s place in Maroochydore, where I spent plenty of time on the beach but also made my leisurely way through Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver (I’m still in two minds about whether to continue with the sequel).

Reading/listening history