Where is my mind?

The Pixies & Mission of Burma, live at Tsongas Arena, Lowell, Dec 1 2004

I caught the Pixies — reunited — in Lowell last night, and they nearly took my head off.

Haven’t found any photos yet, but here’s a setlist (unfortunately no recordings available of the December concerts). We were treated to the UK surf version of Wave of Mutilation (they played the fast version near the end), Velouria, Debaser, UMass, Where is My Mind, Gigantic; they also played Caribou, Ed is Dead, Nimrod’s Son, I’ve Been Tired, Broken Face, Planet of Sound, Subbacultcha, Monkey Gone to Heaven. An incredible set, 1 1/2 hours of music but no breaks, no let up from the assault, I was exhausted after 45 min.

The music sounds so much ridiculously better live, a recording simply cannot capture the dynamic range of the live sound. The juxtaposition of the refrain from Bone Machine, immediately followed by hammerblows of noise — I had never appreciated many of these tracks primarily because I’d never heard them live.

The mix wasn’t so hot, and the vocals were a bit muddy, but they were minor complaints. As Yuri said: “I don’t ever need to see another rock show”. Too right.

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