I’ve never been that nostalgic for the toys of my youth, although I did enjoy seeing how many of TV Cream’s top 100 toys had made it into my or my brother’s collection. But a chance post to Boing Boing brought back memories of Micronauts, an extensive range of 3″ action figures and vehicles made by Mego Corporation and sold in the late 70s and early 80s. It’s funny how memory works, but thanks to the story (and the various fan/collector websites I found) I now recall I had an extensive collection of these myself, including Space Glider, Biotron, Pharoid and the ultimate in versatile vehicles, the Battle Cruiser. Reportedly Mego lost out to Kenner on the opportunity to produce action figures for a little film called Star Wars and folded not long after.

April ’05: Micronauts movie in pre-production??


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