T minus 4 days…

Baby car seat installed: check. Bags packed: check. Crib, nappies, and
tiny little hats: check. This Saturday is our due date (30th
September) as well as the AFL Grand Final. Perhaps the excitement will
be enough to trigger labour (although Jasmina’s not exactly a big
footy fan). Since the fraction of first babies that arrive on time or
early is about 3%, we probably still have at least a week…

T minus 10 days and counting…

19 week ultrasoundNine months seemed like a long time to begin with, but it’s almost
over, and we are rapidly approaching our due date of September 30th.
friends & family have begun to ask “so, have you had the baby yet?” so
I thought to keep everyone up to date here. If you know about such
things, you could even subscribe to the RSS feed for
future updates as soon as they are posted…