Aleksandar James’ arrival

Aleksandar James GallowayI am very pleased to announce that our son Aleksandar James arrived at
1:20am Friday morning (October 6th), 54.5 cm long and weighing a
whopping 4.4 kg (9 lb 11 oz in old-skool units). Alex (aka Sasha, or
Jimmy) is feeding and sleeping fairly well, and Jasmina is doing great
after a reasonably trouble-free labour. Alex has already exhibited
strong personal likes (sleeping and eating) and dislikes (everything
else). We are staying at the hospital (Frances Perry House) for the
time being, but expect to be home around Tuesday. We have no email
access there, but feel free to SMS or call. Attached is a photo –
there are more at
All the best,
Duncan & Jasmina


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