Mila Grace Galloway

Sleeping like LarryOur daughter Mila Grace was born last
Tuesday afternoon (Melbourne Cup Day!). Jasmina was induced beginning Monday night; Mila
was originally due on the 16th, but our obstetrician thought that as
she was already on the 95th percentile for weight, we should get
things going earlier. The labour went pretty smoothly through Tuesday
morning & early afternoon, and Mila loudly announced her arrival at
about 4:20. She was 3.8kg (8lb 6oz) and 52cm (20.5in) long.

We got home late on Thursday and had a pretty rough night, juggling
incompatible sleep schedules for both kids for the first time.
Jasmina’s mum arrived yesterday to help out and last night was better.
Photos are here:

Duncan & Jasmina & Aleks & Mila


Schumann Frequency by Christopher Ride (2008)

Found this at the library, and wondered if I’d stumbled across an Aussie SF author that I’d previously been unaware of. On reading the first few chapters, I was shocked and appalled at the poor quality prose and unscientific constructions (a “red electron” in the first few pages; later we are told about “DNA atoms”). Beware a book that touts its references (including Google search result tally!) at the beginning rather than the end!

This book could likely hold it’s own in the worst-SF-books-I’ve-ever-read competition (the all-time #1 is Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard), except that I balked at spending the time to actually read the whole thing. I was curious about who would put out such crap, it turns out that the publisher, one Javelin Books is headed by the author, Christopher Ride, making this book basically a high-quality vanity publication. I was also curious about the background to Book Choice, the advertising site which promotes the book, but (also according to the SMH blog) this is also a paid placement on behalf of the publisher (who, if you remember, is also the author). What a cynical and self-serving exercise in forcing a piece of undiluted crap onto the undeserving reading public.

Incidentally, as claimed by the author, the Schumann Resonances (from whence the title comes) are a real physical phenomenon, an electromagnetic wave which travels within the Earth’s atmosphere at a frequency which depends upon the dimensions of the Earth (in the same way that the frequency of a plucked string depends upon the string length). There is no plausible way to change this frequency short of altering the size of the Earth. Nice work, Mr. Ride.